Quiz: What do you know about sex and gender

Let's find out how well you know about Gender and Sex 

Stop Violence Against Women!

ThroughTheNews campaign to #stopviolenceagainstwomen has been joined by actors and actresses from around the world, activists, international DJs, artists and those who simply care. What about you? Join us and let’s #stopviolenceagainstwomen #stopviolenceagainstme

Georgian Mentality Part Two

Gender, perhaps after the importance of family and friendships or maybe equal to it, is indeed one of the strongest attributes or markers of Georgian mentality.

A Day that Divides: Family, Religion and Being Gay on May 17

May 17 celebrates the International Day Against Homophobia worldwide. In the country of Georgia the church declared Family Purity Day on the same date. This dichotomy shows how societies are still divided on the subject of "traditional" and "nontraditional" love. 



March 2019 at ThroughTheNews: Exploring Gender

In case you missed something from our "Issue of the Month", this article is for you 

The Tale of Two Women

This little story opens in 1969 and follows Maya and Linda as they embark on their personal journeys on the different sides of the iron curtain. 50 years later the curtain is gone but the story of women is still far from completed. 

Comics: Where is The Line Between Flirt and Sexual Harassment?

The term “sexual harassment” entered into mainstream use in the 1970’s, while what it stands for has in fact existed for millennia.

Do Androids Dream of Gender Identity?

Like any other creation, AIs, bots, and robots seem to reflect the views, ideologies, perspectives, pains, and dreams of their creators. But is the concept of gender unique to human beings? 

“Is This What a Real Man Looks Like?”

While it is true that the burden of conforming to beauty-standards still rests on female shoulders, shifting patterns in male self-perception are also visible: Yes, yes, males also quite often experience distress while looking in the mirror.




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