& The Good News Are

& The Good News Are

Where Do New Year’s Resolutions Go?

We tried to put together 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions.

Annoying Christmas Songs We Secretly Love

Christmas songs end up becoming so annoying we can’t wait for the holiday season to be over so that Mariah Carey  can leave us alone for a little while. 

A Long Way from Home – Why I Choose to Live in Georgia

“You have a Canadian passport,” they say, “and you can go anywhere. WHY (with the emphasis on the why) are you HERE (with the same emphasis on the here)?!” 

Vacation for a Good Cause - #spendyoursummerinGeorgia

Ever thought of your vacation as a way to support a country's freedom? This summer, as always, Georgia is a cheap destination with beautiful landscapes and inimitable hospitality, but this time, as a response to political pressure, locals have come together in a viral campaign inviting tourists from around the world to spend their summer here. Let's see how it all came to be.

Cycling the World for Breast Cancer Awareness - Current Stop: Georgia

After Gabriella's diagnosis, Chris and Gabs are cycling around the world for breast cancer awareness. They're currently in Georgia, so we met them and Europa Donna Georgia to learn more about the issue. 

Weekly ThroughTheNews Flash

A short overview video of news from around the world that caught our eyes and ears this week. Enjoy!

Good News Behind the Bad for Tesla

In 2018, Tesla traversed a bumpy road. This week, it announced that it was finally going to roll out a Model 3. What's in store for the company in 2019?

Rick & Morty Dropped Season 4 Footage

What can fans expect from the new season?

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