Weekly ThroughTheNews Flash

A short overview video of news from around the world that caught our eyes and ears this week. Enjoy!

Author Gvantsa

April 19, 2019, 2:15 p.m.

8:46 am

Good News Behind the Bad for Tesla

In 2018, Tesla traversed a bumpy road. This week, it announced that it was finally going to roll out a Model 3. What's in store for the company in 2019?

Author Gio

March 21, 2019, 2:53 p.m.

8:46 am

Rick & Morty Dropped Season 4 Footage

What can fans expect from the new season?

Author Sandro

Jan. 8, 2019, 4:51 p.m.

8:46 am

Walking ThroughTheNews with the European School of Tbilisi

Yesterday, December 5, two members of the ThroughTheNews team met up with the high school students at the European School of Tbilisi, Georgia, who were interested to hear about the new concept.

Author Gvantsa

Dec. 6, 2018, 3:58 p.m.

8:46 am

The World of Volunteering

We all care about ourselves and our closest ones. But many of us also help others, be it with money donations, with our efforts, or otherwise. Our writer Mariam, a veteran volunteer at her young age, sheds some light on this phenomenon.

Author MariamJaparidze

Sept. 24, 2018, 11:30 a.m.

8:46 am