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Power Games

The Dilemma of Victory Day

Victory in Europe Day or Victory Day in the USSR? 8th of May or 9th of May?  World War II or The Great Patriotic War? What exactly do we celebrate and why? Should we be celebrating at all? These are just a couple of questions arising every year in May in almost every Post-Soviet country.

August 2008: Russo-Georgian War Revisited

Almost 11 years have passed since the Russo-Georgian war of 2008. And yet what Georgians know about it is often fragmented or superficial. Very rarely is this knowledge supported by solid facts.

To Boycott or Not to Boycott - When Art Gets Political

Roger Waters' plea of boycotting Eurovision in Tel Aviv and the mixed response it received echo the old debate: Should artists stop performing in countries engaged in political tensions or controversies? Or should art be separated from politics altogether?

A Beast Worth 100 Billion Dollars

The Chinese tech giant Huawei was officially blacklisted by the US on May 15 2019.  Was it because of the company's breach of rules, or to deter the Chinese advance in global economy? 

What do we mean when we say that religion causes conflicts?

What links are there precisely between religion and conflict? How justified is it to declare the causes for conflict as “religious” when most religions preach kindness, peace and coexistence based on love?

Gavrilov's Night: What We Can and Can't Agree About

On June 20, Russian deputy Sergey Gavrilov occupied the chairman's seat at the Georgian Parliament, leading the inter-parliamentary Orhtodox assembly. Multi-thousand street protests and demands of resignation followed from Georgian citizens. Let's have a closer look at the events of the past weekend. 

Now They See Us - Why Tbilisi Is Protesting Again

Imagine that someone who broke into your house and claimed it as his in the past, is invited to sit at the head of your table and toast for your health. That is precisely how many young people felt  a few days ago in Tbilisi, Georgia. Let’s go a bit back in time and see what exactly caused the protest that still goes on.

Tensions in Tbilisi: Georgian Youth Sounds Off

I sat down  with a group of young people in Tbilisi  to talk about the protest actions of the last days. As conversations unfolded, three main areas of focus and frustration came to the forefront.

On The Rise Of Populism

One thing appears certain - from the US to the Philippines, from India to Turkey and everywhere in between, and across much of Europe, the allure of populism seems higher than ever before.