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Power Games

Abkhazia - A View from Georgia

These accounts are filled with nostalgia and longing but they also pose questions worth answering..

Comics: A Puppet Show

Now you see him, now you don’t!  But who is he? A dendrophile? A self-proclaimed critic of Friedrich Nietzsche? Or a regular trickster?!

Kashmir: New Dawn or New Doom?

In Modi’s decision government critics see religious polarisation, advance of Indian nationalism and further oppression, while his supporters hope for faster development and subsequent calm in the region torn by violence.

Is Facebook Watching You?

Eye-catching and extremely timely, ads are so well-tailored to meet our immediate needs that many people suspect that big corporations are constantly spying on us.

The Continuing Story of Brexit

Brexit of today is a political mess which too many people find rather difficult to follow.

Abuse of Power: Georgia in the Time Loop

Last 30 years Georgia has been caught in the rather unusual time loop: "The ruling force changes, ministers change, people at protests declare that “The system needs to break” and then add - “Screw this system”. But not only it doesn’t break, it doesn’t even allow for effective reforms. Therefore, the problems remain unsolved". 

What Is Happening in the Middle East - in Brief

Who was the targeted general Qasem Soleimani? What is going on in the Middle East? And what will happen next? Let’s break it down.

16.01.2040 BREAKING NEWS in Russia

Many political commentators are trying to figure out what is going to happen, but who can tell what the future will bring ?

What's Happening in Russia and What Is Putin up To?

The Russian government has resigned, along with prime minister Medvedev. It all happened after Vladimir Putin announced an initiative on constitutional changes.