8 Terrifying Technologies That Will Shape Your Future

Future technologies scare us. There are some ethical and philosophical issues that we probably should be scared of. 

How Education Shapes Conflicts: Lessons From Nagorno-Karabakh

I decided to talk to Armenian and Azeri youth. I was curious to find out what they remembered about each other from their school days.

Why and How Do We Feel Lonely?

Heart problems, risk of drug abuse, decreased memory, Alzheimer’s disease progression, depression, poor decision-making - these are few among many other risks caused by feelings of loneliness. 

Does Technology Make Us Lonely?

In some parts of Asia, loneliness has become a cultural phenomenon. This is a place where physical loneliness is considered the norm, human relationships are replaced by  technology and most young people gradually start living alone.

Quiz: Guess the painter from their work

Let’s check together how much you know about the arts.

Quiz: Science and the World’s Biggest Discoveries

Science has changed the world numerous times.  Let’s see how well you know famous scientists and their discoveries. 

What Being Constantly Anxious Feels Like

You’re looking for a person who will understand, help and advise you about what to do. But the answer is usually the same : “You’re worrying about something silly”.

"Feeling Lonely?" - the Epidemic of Loneliness

You may actively send messages during the day, write posts on Facebook, and end the day in your friend circle, but that doesn’t mean you cannot experience loneliness.

Inside the Belarusian Detention Center

“I want the whole world to see that in the 21st century there is still a country in the centre of Europe that tortures people for different political views.”