Interesting Topics

Interesting Topics

Catholic Church is Taking Side in Death Penalty Debate

Facts: Pope Francis has declared the death penalty inadmissible in all cases “because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person,” the Vatican announced on Thursday, in a major shift in Roman Catholic teaching on the issue.
He is, at least in principle, the spiritual leader of 1.2B Catholic people.
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Trend in context : This is in continuation to Pope Francis last years approach to make the church more tuned to modern values on freedom and rights of the individuals.
FUP Questions
1. What is the real influence of the Pope on the Catholics? 
2. Does it mean that the church was wrong before? Or that the church is a learning & adapting human organization? (the pope didn't say he got a new message from God for this policy change)


Military AI and Robots No Longer Science Fiction. What’s Next?

It seems like huge spendings on military robots is turning into a new trend among the world's dominant countries. Is it time to fear Skynet? 

Marijuana as Replacement for Coffee – Canadian Coffee Shops Plan to Sell Cannabis

The Canadian company “Second Cup” has announced its plans to transform its coffee shops into marijuana retail stores. What are the actual chances of such a reorganization?

Turkey in Search of New Allies

Will recent events change the foreign policy of Erdogan's government? 

To Breathe or Not to Breathe ? Air Level Pollution Hits a Dangerous Peak in New Delhi

The story repeats from year to year - Every autumn, farmers burn grass after harvesting and every autumn, a dark veil thickens over the city.

One small joint for a man - A huge blow for mankind?

NASA announces its plans to conduct safety review of “SpaceX” and “Boeing”. It seems that the only  reason behind this is just one small joint.

Women In The Workplace Are Still Largely Behind Men

Gender equality is in the list of commitments of most companies, but women remain underrepresented on all corporate levels. Curiously, #metoo could be one of the reasons.

Turns Out, Trump Didn't Ruin Little Girl's Christmas

Another overblown story to demonize Trump or an actual unforgivable mistake from a President on Christmastime?

Israeli Band “Shalva” Drops Out of Eurovision Because of Shabbat

The band has dropped out of the local competition for the Eurovision Song Contest as its members refused to perform on stage on Friday night, the eve of the holy Shabbat.