The South Caucasus Reality Check — What the Young Generation Thinks (part 1)

The South Caucasus

In this 4-part series, ThroughTheNews reaches out to the young people of the South Caucasus, giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions, hear each other out and communicate.

The South Caucasus is a region made up of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia (in alphabetical order so no one is offended). It is bordered by Russia, Turkey, and Iran. The South Caucasus has been ravaged by centuries-old conflicts causing many deaths and deportations, tearing apart some of the countries and changing the borders.  And there are also other challenges. 



Are the young generations of these countries still obliged to perpetuate the suffering and conflicts that have shaped the painful paths of their ancestors? 

There is no telling if there are easy solutions or clear answers, but the first step can be communication instead of alienation. 

Part 1 in the series is Georgian Students on the South Caucasus, which features six young Georgian students from different universities, most of them majoring in International Law, Governance and Social Studies and Municipal Law. They share their opinions and perspectives on the processes happening in the South Caucasus; how the relations among all three nations could be improved; what the similarities between these nations are; what the interests of some of the great powers are and what the future of the South Caucasus is and can be.

After we have listened to Georgian students, the next two parts will be those of you from Armenia and Azerbaijan. The 4th part in the series will be a sort of summary. 

Fill out these forms that cover the exact questions that were asked to Georgian students. Share your viewpoints and let’s hear each other.

If you are  part of the young generation of the South Caucasus and would like to share your thoughts, we are looking forward to hearing from you. And just remember, we walk with you. 



İn Alphabetic order İran must be in the first place.

27.08.2021 08:23
Agile Gagikyan

Agile Gagikyan

I agree to the idea that we are playground for Russia and Turkey, but small countries have no capacity to have their own independent politics. Though, very good initiative, we need to hear each other out. Hate is no gain for us.

22.08.2021 00:09
lekso gogilashvili

lekso gogilashvili

very interesting video ??

20.08.2021 22:00


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