Animation: Fake News

Jack’s story originated from the desire to share tips on detecting fake news.

The 11 Creepiest Technologies that Exist Today

21 century is a great time to be alive, technology made the world better place, however, technology has its dark side. 

The Top 10 Fake News Stories of 2019

Many of us come across fake news stories on a daily basis. Social media platforms make it easier to spread them faster. Do we pay attention whether the news is true or fake? 

Check out some of the top fake stories from 2019. 

8 Propaganda Posters and the Meanings Behind Them

Visual propaganda has been used for years to manipulate public opinion. 

15 Things You Should Do While You’re in Quarantine

“If only I had the time…”

“If I were working from home…”

“If only I wasn’t spending so much time on my commute…”

“I’m so busy, I have no patience for that…”

Today, it’s a different reality.

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